House Votes for Permanent Conservation Easement Tax Incentive

The House voted on July 17 on H.R. 4719, “The America Gives More Act,” which contains the Conservation Easement Incentive Act.” The bill passed by a bipartisan vote of 277-130.This is the first time every member of Congress has gone on record making the easement incentive permanent.

Governor Corbett Signs 2014-15 Budget and Fiscal Code

On July 10, Governor Corbett signed the 2014-15 budget (House Bill 2328) and fiscal code (House Bill 278), line item-vetoed specific  legislative appropriations and placed legislative spending initiatives into budgetary reserves. On June 30, the Pennsylvania Senate (26-24) and House (108-95), passed this Republican-written budget. (In subsequent days, the General Assembly also passed the fiscal code, legislation […]